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About Us

Here is who we are. That way if you decide to buy or sell with us, we aren’t complete strangers.


Bill Latour is a Retired CWO-4 (SS), U.S. Navy, who started Lowcountry Coins as a place to sell his extra coins. Within three years, he became the Largest Dealer in the State.


His numismatic experience first started when he was 6 years old. He would “retire to the attic”, which means go to the barn, to go through barrels of Indian Head Cents with his great-grandpa.


Over the years, Bill expanded his knowledge of VAM’s. He was very good at identifying them that he would go to coin shows in the 90’s with a few bucks and come out with new VAMs, and more than a few bucks. Dealers paid him to identify rare varieties in their stock.


Bill is also One of Two American Numismatic Association (ANA) Certified Master Graders in the State, and the ONLY practicing one. He is also certified by the top three grading companies (ANACS, NGC, and PCGS) as an authorized Dealer.


Bill invests in his employees. He pays for all their ANA courses, and classes with the firm belief that the more knowledge each has, the better decisions they make.


Bill’s Naval Career

CWO-4(SS) Bill Latour retired from the U.S. Navy in 2011, following 29 years of Naval Service. His first 19 years were spent riding submarines (USS Lewis & Clark SSBN 644, USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658, USS Key West SSN 722, and USS Annapolis SSN 760), Staff Instructor duty at the D1G Prototype in New York and Senior Instructor Nuclear Field ‘A’ School Advanced Instrumentation and Control Equipment Curriculum Development and Implementation in Orlando and Naval Weapons Station Charleston.


ETC(SS) Latour was selected for commissioning to Chief Warrant Officer -2 in 2001. He was hand selected to serve as a Naval Reactors Technical Assistant providing technical oversight of nuclear refueling overhauls of fast attack and ballistic missile submarines at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton WA, and oversight of Nuclear Maintenance Quality Assurance programs, operations and training of staff and students at the Moored Training Ships prototypes at Naval Weapons Station Charleston.
CWO-4(SS) Latour retired in October 2011.



John is one of the finest ANA certified Numismatic Photographers in the country. He specializes in foreign coins and currency. He also can tell you about a vast majority about them, so get ready for a history lesson.