My Credentials

My Credentials

CWO-4(SS) Bill Latour retired from the U.S. Navy in 2011 following 29 years of Naval Service. His first 19 years were spent riding submarines (USS Lewis & Clark SSBN 644, USS Mariano G Vallejo SSBN 658, USS Key West SSN 722 and USS Annapolis SSN 760) and Staff Instructor duty at the D1G Prototype in New York and Senior Instructor Nuclear Field 'A' School Advanced Instrumentation and Control Equipment Curriculum Development and Implementation in Orlando and Naval Weapons Station Charleston.

ETC(SS) Latour was selected for commissioning to Chief Warrant Officer -2 in 2001 and hand selected to serve as a Naval Reactors Technical Assistant providing technical oversight of nuclear refueling overhauls of fast attack and ballistic missile submarines at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton WA, and oversight of Nuclear Maintenance Quality Assurance programs, operations and training of staff and students at the Moored Training Ships prototypes at Naval Weapons Station Charleston.

CWO-4(SS) Latour retired in October 2011.

Bill continued with his numismatic hobby studying coin varieties during his military career specializing in Morgan dollar varieties (VAMs) and Cherrypicker’s varieties. To date, Bill has identified three dozen new Morgan dollar varieties which can be viewed on the discovery pieces page. Bill also specializes in naturally toned silver dollars, some of which can be viewed on the Toners page.

Bill is a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (LM-6242), Florida United Numismatists (LM-970), South Carolina Numismatics Association (LM-168), North Carolina Numismatics Association (LM-166) and Society of Silver Dollars Collectors (LM-150).

Bill is a 2008 graduate of the American Numismatic Association Advanced Grading of United States Coins and Problem Coins course conducted by NGC, PCGS, ANACS and the ANA and a graduate of the 2009 Early American Coppers Society ANA course.

Bill currently serves on the SCNA Executive Board (Since 2012) and as Bourse Chairman (Since 2018) for the SCNA Convention conducted annually at the end of October.

Bill opened Lowcountry Coins in 2007 and has grown the business into one of the most trusted coin shops in the nation without having to pay for advertising and relying primarily on the best advertising in the world, word of mouth, to continue expanding the business.