Bill’s Morgan VAM’s

My discovery pieces

II 3●B2a (Medium CC, Die Scratch E), I-2, R-5


Obverse II 3-Broken point off fourth right star. Reverse B2a-Medium spaced II CC mint mark at normal height. Curved die scratch through middle of E in ONE on some specimens.

III215●C3a (Doubled Second 8, Die Break Lower Cap), I-2, R-6


Obverse III215-One large die break and one adjacent smaller die chip at back of Phrygian cap below ribbon.

III214●C3a (Doubled 882, Clasged Obverse n & ust), I-2, R-5


Obverse III214- Clashed die with partial incuse n of IN from reverse showing next to Liberty Head neck and partial incuse ust of TRUST from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.

III22●C3c (Doubled 18-3, S Set Left, Pitted Bow), I-2, R-5


Obverse III22-EDS shows scribbling die scratches on face and jaw in attempt to remove die rust pitting. Die marker- Short heavy polishing lineat top right outside of ear. Reverse C3c- IV S mint markset to left at normal height. Fine die rust pitting at left outside of wreath bow up to #5 left tail feather and above E in ONE.

III21●C3a (Spiked Leg), I-2, R-5


Reverse C3a-Diagonal die scratch on eagle’s right leg.

III217●C3a (Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date), I-3, R-5


Obverse III217-Possible top of 8 showing in denticles showing as raised curved bar in denticle space below 8. Date set further right than normal.

III226●C3a (Doubled 1)


Obverse III226- Doubled 1 with notch at top and two horizontal spikes at either end of base.

III225●C3a (Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date)


Obverse III225-Possible top of 8 showing in denticle space between 8 & 5 as raised curved bar. Date set further right than normal.

III21●C3a (Die Scratch Eagle’s Left Wing), I-2, R-5


Reverse C3a-Vertical die scratch at inside of ninth outer feather from bottom of eagle’s left wing.

III226●C3a (Doubled Ear), I-2, R-5


Obverse III226- Ear slightly doubled at right inside.Date at right edge of normal lateral position. Die marker-Single diagonal die polishing line at top right of I in LIBERTY.

III214●C3a (Near Date, Pinned Eagle, Die Gouge D), I-2, R-5


Reverse C3a- Small die gouge between eagle’s left wing and body plus short wide die gouge inside D in Dollar.

III28●C3a (Slanted Date, Spitting Eagle Die Chip), I-2, R-5


Reverse C3a-Die chip below eagle’s beak.

III21●C3q (O Tilted Right, Scratch AMERIC), I-3, R-6


Reverse C3q- III O mint mark centered with tilt to right. Very long die scratch through AMERIC. Some specimens show heavy die clash marks at eagle’s neck, below eagle’s left wing and top of right wreath. Die likely retired early.

III249●C3g (Doubled Ear, Very Far Date, Doubled AMERICA & Wreaths), I-2, R-5


Obverse III249-Date set at left edge of very far lateral position with slight slant with 1 slightly higher than 9. Slightly doubled right inside of ear. Reverse C3g- Doubled AMERICA, R in DOLLAR and most left and right outer wreath leaves towards rim.

III215●C3f (Doubled Ear & Cotton Leaves, Far Date, High O), I-3, R-6


Obverse III215-Date set further right than normal.Doubled ear at right outside, hair edge back and above ear, , lower edges of lower two cotton leaves, right side of right cotton boll and bottom edge of left cotton boll.

III21●C3a (Denticle Impressions Olive Leaves, Die Edge Gouges Leg), I-3, R-5


Reverse C3a- Seven raised dotsabove olive leavesover to eagle’s leg in two closely spaced rows with denticle spacing. Another two raised dots above middle top olive. Three die edge gouges at eagle’s right leg feathers.

III21●C3a (Denticle Impressions Below Tail Feather), I-3, R-6


Reverse C3a-Horizontal row of four raised triangles below left tail feathers with same spacing as obverse denticle points. Also has three raised dots between wreath bow and left leaf cluster, and three faint raised dots below right tail feathers.

III28●C3a (Doubled 1, Near Date), I-2, R-5


Obverse III28- Slightly doubled 1 with short horizontal spike well below top crossbar. Date set further left than normal. Die marker- Diagonal polishing lines at ear.

III25●C4a (Near Date Set Low), I-2, R-4


New Die Combination

III25●C31 (Near Date, High O, Denticle Impreesions Reverse), I-2, R-5


Obverse III25-Die Marker-Heavy diagonal polishing line below ear. Reverse C31-Three small raised dots below left tail feathers from impressions of outside of denticles.

III21●C4a (Thread-Like Die Impression Tail Feathers), I-2, R-5


Reverse C4a- Long horizontal thread-like die impression in tail feathers.

IV 1●D1a (Scribbling Die Scratches), I-2, R-5


Obverse IV 1-Die Marker-Polishing Lines in BE of LIBERTY. Reverse D1a-Fine die scratches in various directions on over-polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle’s left wing and body. Die marker-Horizontal die scratch above right wreath ribbon.

IV 1●D1a (Scribbling Die Scratches, Polishing Lines OF), I-2, R-6


Reverse D1a-Heavy diagonal die polishing lines at S-OF-A to erase feed finger gouges. Some light die polishing lines at ED of UNITED to erase feed finger gouges.

IV 1●D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #16, Die Break 9 Bottom), I-3, R-7


Obverse IV 1-Die crack at bottom of 921 down to denticles on either side with die break at bottom of 9.

IV 1●D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #111, Die Scratches ST & F), I-2, R-6


Reverse D2a-Fine vertical die scratch from upper right of left S in STATES with vertical band of fine striated lines from lower right side of S up thru left side of T to denticles and another band thru right T in TRUST up thru left side of F in OF to denticles. Likely feed finger contact with die.

IV 1●D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #120), I-2, R-5


Reverse D2a- Fine die scratches in various directions on over-polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg, between eagle’s left wing and body and in middle of eagle’s right wing. Die marker- Horizontal die scratch on eagle’s right inner wing feathers into outer feathers near shoulder.

IV 52●D2a (Dot Right Of Second Right Star, Scribbling Die Scratches #75), I-3, R-6


Reverse D2a – Beveled field at denticles above OF similar to VAM-8B.

IV 1●D1a (Scribbling Die Scratches #86, Die Breaks O, R, F), I-2, R-6


Reverse D1a- Displaced field breaks at O of ONE, R of DOLLAR and F of OF.

IV 1●D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches), I-2, R-5


Obverse IV 1- Late die state has some heavy die file lines at 6, 7 left stars and E PLURIBUS UNUM. Reverse D2a- Fine die scratches in various directions on over-polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle’s left wing and body. Die marker- Single die scratch on right side of wreath bow.

II 1●B2a (Die Break At Rim Above IN, E and Above TRV), I-2, R-6


Obverse II 1- Die crack above TRV in TRVST with displaced field break. Reverse B2a- Die crack through bottom of UNITED and another crack thru STATES and top of ED with raised die break at E top and displaced field break at E inside.

II1●B2f (Doubled Reverse Rays, Gouge Above Right T), I-3, R-6


Obverse II1- Vertical die gouge at rimabove right T in TRVST

II 1●B2a (Die Gouge Thru N), I-2, R-5


Obverse II 1- Short vertical die gouge thru middle of N of IN.

Other Discovery Piece Holdings:

72 II 1 · B1h (Long Center Arrow Shaft, S Tilted Left), I-5 R-7


Obverse II 1– Diagonal die chips below eyelid front. Point of fourth right star not broken. Reverse B1h– Small III S mint mark centered and tilted slightly to left. Die markers – diagonal polishing line to left and right of eagle’s right leg above claws.Original discovery by Larry Briggs July 2002.

IV 1●D2a (Die Gouges First Keft Star & 19), I-2, R-5


Obverse IV 1-Short diagonal die gouge lines around first left star and 19 in date. Original discovery by Gabor Ferencz. Ltr on file.

1B III21 · C3a (Clashed Obverse We & u, Reverse M), I-3 R-5


Obverse III21 – Clashed die with partial incuse We of We from reverse showing in space between hair locks at right of designer’s initial M and partial incuse u of Trust from reverse in right hair vee of lower hair edge. Reverse C3a- Clashed die with faint raised designer’s initial M from obverse showing above d in GOD. Discovered by Logan McKechnie February 2005.

Revised VAMS

Added reverse horizontal die scratch at wing-neck gap over to inner wing feathers


Added alligator eye and die scratch. Resulted in eliminating VAM-61


Added polishing lines at TY in LIBERTY.


Added slanted die gouge in denticles below OL extending into field


Revised to include first clashed die reverse with worn left field


Added slightly doubled lower arrow shaft & feathers and short spike at eagles beak.


Added strong diagonal polishing line at top left of T in LIBERTY


Added slight doubled inner right side of ear.


Reinstatement of VAM which had been removed suspecting it did not exist.


Added dots on 900 digits


Delisted becoming VAM 35B after identification of same dies.


Eliminated VAM-3DN as duplicate listing.