Anyone can tell you the value of a Coin.

It takes the right knowledge and experience to do it honestly.

At our store, all of our employees are either certified or in the process of getting certified by the American Numismatic Association (ANA).


Bill Latour:


ANA Certified in Advanced Grading of United States Coins and Problem Coins. The course is conducted by the three top Grading companies at the ANA.


ANA Certified in Early American Coppers Society


American Numismatic Association Life Member (LM-6242)


Florida United Numismatists Life Member (LM-970)


South Carolina Numismatics Association Life Member (LM-168),


North Carolina Numismatics Association Life Member (LM-166)


Low Country Coin Club Member since 1989


Society of Silver Dollars Collectors Life Member (LM-150).


SCNA Executive Board Member (Since 2012)


SCNA Bourse Chairman (Since 2018). Which means he runs the largest show in the Carolinas (200+ tables)





Low Country Coin Club Secretary since 2018


Low Country Coin Club Member since 2012


American Numismatic Association Member since 2013


South Carolina Numismatics Association Member since 2019


Florida United Numismatists Member since 2014


ANA Certified in “Advanced Numismatic Digital Photography”


ANA Numismatic Scholar