One of the best places to go , they are very knowledgeable regarding coins .
-Hunter 5/5/2022

Amazing coin shop!! All of the staff are friendly, helpful and go above and beyond to answer any questions that you may have. This staff is amazingly knowledgeable of all coins; they will even give you the learning material and teach you about your coins!!
If you need to add anything to your collection, this is the place to go!!
-James 5/5/2022

Walked in to buy some Silver and didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. They made it very easy for me to understand the difference in 90%, Silver Rounds and bars & Govt silver coins. I’ll be back to buy a whole lot more, awesome prices !
-Rod 5/1/2022

This place is absolutely AMAZING! First off, I know nothing about coins. The staff there was EXTREMELY friendly and knowledgeable!! The man that helped us (I never got his name) was an astounding help with appraising my coins and informing me about starting up a collection. The woman there was amazing as well with everything. You can definitely tell they have a passion for their work! I am definitely going back!!
-Shelby 4/30/2022

I love Lowcountry Coins! They are always so helpful and so knowledgeable! Some places can be very condescending to new collector, but not at Lowcountry Coins! I could spend hours in their store!
-Deborah 4/21/22

Bill and the crew are very helpful and friendly. My experience was relaxed and professional. I look forward to taking my business there in the future and I’m glad to have some local friends in the coin market.
-Andrew 4/20/22

I have been expanding my coin collection over the past several years primarily purchasing hundreds of coins at low Country Coins. I ‘ve found their grading and pricing to be very fair. I try to visit every month. I do recommend them to any level of collector.
-Carly 4/18/22

Very knowledgeable staff on all aspects of buying and sell all types of gold and silver
-Chris 4/18/22

I have been doing business with Low Country Coins for over 5 years and this place is the best. They are fair, honest and willing to answer any question a customer has. I would recommend to those who use google reviews to slam business because you disagree to seek the facts.
-Tim 4/8/22

Amazing customer service and very informative. This place has a giant inventory of coins. It was a collectors dream.
-Brent 4/8/22

I don’t go anywhere else to buy or sell my precious metals. They let me know up front what’s worth, and what’s worthless. I trust these good folks.
-Jason 4/2/2022

Recently came in looking for a silver dollar for an upcoming commissioning ceremony. They knew exactly which coins I needed and were able to give me different options based on what is more traditionally vs. contemporarily used. Clearly knowledgeable in this field. Only a good experience.
-Dan 3/29/2022

What a great place to look for coins. I was searching for specific foreign coins and they had boxes sorted by country. I also like tokens and medals and they had a few bins to sort through for some treasures. I will definitely stop by there again when I return to Charleston.
-David 3/28/2022

It was the first time I was ever in a coin shop. I went in for five different types of coins. They were very helpful and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable not being rushed. Looked around and some interesting coins it was a good choice to go to the store I recommend it highly
-Phil 3/29/2022

I have been doing business with low country coins for a while now. I have found Bill to be exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of precious metals. The entire team is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.
-Alan 3/21/2022

The owner and employees are honest and always treat me well. Again visited store, was treated professionally and friendly. Highly recommend and will return. Prices and appraisals are extremely fair.
-Tom 3/14/2022

I am a fairly experienced collector, yet I found that some of the Low Country Coins staff were impressively more knowledgeable than I am. Fairness & honesty reign supreme here too. They are also incredibly supportive to young/beginning collectors–this is obvious when entering the store(s) as you will find abundant supplies & reference material and many affordable examples of coins/currency to purchase. They also have a good selection of more expensive items for sale. What is less obvious is that the staff/owners are also active in the local coin club and encourage collecting there too.
I highly recommend!
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-Maurice Snook

What an experience. I walked in looking to pick up a few old coins to add to my novice collection. The only thing I couldn’t find was Solomon’s gold. I asked about tips for getting started and also that I was collecting with my son, who is 6 years old. They had books for kids, which was perfect, and the gentleman gave me some great tips, websites and local gatherings for both me and my son. I found old coins for the starting collector and at incredible prices. When the gentleman offered to assist and teach me what to look for when grading coins, I abandoned quite a few online and brick-and-mortar coin sellers. When I walk out of this store I know that I’m not only getting what I paid for but I’m paying the proper price for what I got.Read MoreRead Less


These people are professionals, knowledgeable, great customer experience. Would recommend to anyone—5 stars isn’t enough.

-Todd Bishop

I take everything to these guys from coins, rocks, coins, stamps they make me feel confident in what I have and give me an honest input of its value. Also great place to sell scrap gold and silver they pay way more than any pawn shop.

-Justin Garland