About Us

We are a Veteran Owned Small Business with over 35K reviews on ebay. To check them out, click here.

Guaranteed Authentic

All our items are 100% Authentic and genuine. We have EXTENSIVE training in counterfeit coins and currency. There is an astronomical amount of counterfeit coins out there. We have intentionally purchased coins directly from China, so that all our employees have them to reference to PREVENT buying them. These coins were used in an actual ANA counterfeit detection class, which was attended by all our employees. We have also won awards for our counterfeit display at coin shows.


Accurate Grading

Of course, grading is subjective. It is simply an opinion. You know, everyone has one. We grade strictly in accordance with the ANA Grading Standard. Our Chief Grader, Bill, finished in the top of the ANA Summer Seminar Advanced Grading Class. This class is taught by senior graders at PCGS, NGC, and ANACS. He is also an authorized dealer for these grading services.

Terms & Conditions

  • Item Availability – Please note that we have a retail coin shop, an e-commerce site, and attend an average of two coin shows a month. Sometimes our inventory gets sold locally, and we don’t have a chance to remove it from the site yet. If that happens, we will immediately refund your money. We are literally a small three employee business.
  • Postage – Most of our listings have free shipping. Please bear in mind that our postal charges include actual postage costs, and packaging which is AT LEAST $5 per package. We do not ship internationally, as we had too many “lost packages”.
  • Dispatch Times – We normally ship your order via First Class Mail within one day of payment. Unless we are at a show, then the next business day. Once your order has shipped, the tracking information will be automatically uploaded into your eBay account. Your item will probably take up to five days for delivery. We ship thousands of coins a year, about 2% take up to 3-4 weeks. USPS will NOT update the item location in transit, do not expect them to. If the item is lost in the mail (this happens in less than 1% of shipments), we will refund your purchase price. We abide by the USPS definition for a lost item: ” not delivered within 30 days of shipment”.
  • 100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee – Most of our items have a NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy. We really do not mind returns at all. About 1 out of every 100 coins we sell are returned. We do NOT accept returns for certified coins, bullion, or rolls of coins. VERY IMPORTANT: We ONLY accept returns IF and ONLY IF the item has not been removed from the original holder we shipped it in. If you do not love the item, I encourage you to return it.